Overwhelmed No More: 5 Ways to calm overwhelm in your life and business.

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There’s no doubting that life gets busy. Family, work, home, business, self care. When you’re working your thinking about what you need to get done at home. When you’re at home you’re thinking about what needs to be done at the office. Introverted thinking patterns can make overwhelm that much worse because of the deeply analytical set up of the brain. I remember when I first ventured into building my online business. As an introverted woman I was easily overwhelmed with all of the information I needed to learn. This stifiled my business growth and cause me to question if I had what it took to be a business owner. I had a real talk with myself and was determined to not let overwhelm stop me from living my dreams.

Today, my goal is to help online entrepreneurs who happen to have an introverted personality reach their goals in a simple way that cuts out the overwhelm. These 7 tips will help you balance your home and business so you can live the life you deserve:

  1. Admit when you are overwhelmed. When you recognize the issue you can fix it. Avoiding the problem isn’t going to make it go it away. Take a moment. Breathe, journal, vent. Getting the overwhelming thoughts out of your head are a sure fire way to help release the overwhelm.
  2. Set up a routine. You have to have a routine that helps your introverted personality stay on track. Many want to live a free lifestyle but you still need a daily routine to help you stick to your goals and to calm your thoughts. Without a routine, disorganization can happen which will stifle your goals. Start early and set a routine.
  3. Don’t overwork. Anyone that has introverted thinking knows that we thrive off of knowledge and depth. While this is great it can quickly lead to burn out if not checked. Stick your schedule. Don’t work more than you need to. Find a time schedule that supports your optimal hours of productivity and give yourself time to get your work done. If you ever begin to feel overwhelmed cut back. You have to do what’s best for you and only you’ll know when enough is enough.
  4. Make a reminder system. Sticky notes, emails and voicemails to yourself are all great ways to get thoughts out of your mind. Remember, too many thoughts lead to overwhelm. Instead of trying to remember everything, be kind to your mind and set up a way to remember what you need to do without storing everything mentally.
  5. Take a break. Work will always be there. You can afford to step away from your computer. Go step outside, spend time with your family. Breathe deeply, laugh and relax. What’s the purpose of having a business if you never enjoy the freedom it brings.



Adding these 5 tips into your life will absolutely help you stay the course of building the business of your dreams. Dedicate 90 days to adding in these tips and watch as overwhelm decreases and overflow increases.


I’m Ashley  Page Pearson. I’m an organizational strategist, online entrepreneur, copywriter, author, and mentor. As a professional organizational strategist, I help  online business owners learn how to set up their business in a strategic and effective way.  I’ve developed the Introduction to Online Marketing for New Entrepreneurs. This guide lays out the steps to online business to help you get an understanding of the components of what it takes to run a successful online business. Grab your free copy here: http://www.ashleypagepearson.com/onlineguidefornewents


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