Organizational Strategies that Excel Online Entrepreneurs

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Being an online business owner comes with lots of perks, like being able to relax in your favorite clothing all day and being your own boss of course, but it’s important to have a routine and effective organizational strategy so that you can ensure that your work from home business is profitable. These organizational strategies will help you organize your work day, work week and environment, and help you meet all of your goals every single time if you stick to them.

  1. The first Organizational strategies for your work day is to set a start time. Being on time is important even when you are your own boss. Setting an organizational strategy around your time helps you to determine a realistic timeframe when you’ll be alert, ready, and productive to do what you need to do to keep your business flowing and operational each morning.

     2. Give yourself an end time. Similar to when you work a job on the outside, you want to have a set schedule. Putting together an organizational strategy around for both your start time and end time allows you to spend the important time you need to with your family. Relaxing after as smart day of work is just as important as having the beginning time. You want to ensure that your organizational strategy includes one that fits your business and that you have a work schedule so that you’re always productive and not going over the time that you’ve set for yourself.

3. Scheduling Breaks. Your organizational strategy must include scheduled breaks. Again, similar to how you work an outside job, you need to step away from the computer. You can’t simply sit and work, work, work. That is the quickest way to lead to burnout. Do what you need to do in a timely fashion and step away. The work is going to be there, but you’ll see as you step away and meet with your favorite friends or network with people in the outside world that when you come back to your computer, you’ll be more refreshed and more productive and ready to go. Make sure you’re getting in the meals that you need. Taking proper care of your body, exercising and resting is all a part of the formula to a successful online business.

4. To have an effective organizational strategy you also need to put your personal and professional appointments in writing. That’s right. This organizational strategy includes getting your meetings out of your head and onto paper. You need to organize your meetings, organize your tasks, and put them into a daily calendar. Now when I say daily calendar, I personally like to still use an online calendar of sorts, but I also still find myself writing down my schedule in an old calendar that I keep in my purse and I just get a new one when each year starts. Tactile learning is really helpful for making these appointments and tasks stick in your mind. So whether you like to keep an online calendar or a calendar where you actually write the choice is up to you. But the main thing for this organizational strategy is to put your meetings and your tasks in writing.

5. Complete a time sheet. Many companies ask their employees to hand in their time sheets so that they can get paid. Well, why don’t you adopt that same principle and turn in a time sheet for the tasks that you’re doing. You’ll be able to track and see if your organizational strategy is working by how long it’s taking you to get through certain tasks. If you find yourself starting a task at 10:00 AM and it’s not finished until 4:00 PM and it’s just a routine administrative task, you’ll know that you need to tweak your strategy so that you’ll be more productive and get things done in a quicker manner.

6. Get regular sleep. It is so easy as an online business owner to want to stay up until all hours of the night because you don’t have to get up the next day to go into an office. Sometimes when your family’s up and people are around, it’s difficult to get everything done. This organizational strategy encourages you to keep regular sleeping hours because a rested mind is a productive mind. You’ll be able to think clearer. You’ll be able to move faster and you’ll be able to come up with those genius ideas that will keep you profitable in your online business. So you still need to get a full night’s sleep with this strategy.

7. Pay yourself on schedule. Repairs and last minute emergencies come up. It’s so important to remember you need to write your own check. This organizational strategy encourages you to keep track of your money and to pay yourself. You are an employee of your own business, so it is absolutely important for this strategy for you to pay yourself.

8. Consider what your needs are. You’ll have to determine what your best schedule is depending on your personality and depending on what you have going on, on the outside. This organizational strategy is going to help you develop a routine and a timeframe where you work the best hours for you. Now, if you have clients and colleagues that you’ll need to reach out to during normal business hours, you’ll have to consider that when using this organizational strategy because you’ll want to be available during the hours that they are. They’re available.

9. Give yourself a performance review. Yes. In this business, we have to be our own critic, our own boss, our own review panel. No one’s standing over us telling us what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. So give yourself a monthly review to identify your strengths, your weaknesses and any areas of improvement that will be helpful. This organizational strategy is going to be perfect because as you go, as you grow, the more you do, the faster you’re going to get and your business will go grow leaps and bounds. But first you’re going to have to track your progress from the start of your entrepreneurial journey.

I’m Ashley  Page Pearson. I’m an organizational strategist, online entrepreneur, copywriter, author, and mentor. As a professional organizational strategist, I help  online business owners learn how to set up their business in a strategic and effective way.  I’ve developed the Introduction to Online Marketing for New Entrepreneurs. This guide lays out the steps to online business to help you get an understanding of the components of what it takes to run a successful online business. Grab your free copy here:

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