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You’ll often hear the statement ‘you are highly sensitive’ being used, but most people who use the word do not even know what the expression means. There are characteristics that constitute highly sensitive person traits.  Psychologists and researchers discuss, these highly sensitive person traits and have used it to identify empaths and empathic people and why they act the way they do.

What then does it mean to exhibit highly sensitive person traits or to be called an empaths or empathic people? I’ll run down a few of those highly sensitive people traits and leave you to decide whether or not you qualify to be listed as part of the group of empaths and emphatic people.

Often experience difficulty with letting go of negative thoughts and emotion

If you have difficulty forgetting what your boss said earlier in the year about not being good enough. If all you have done to push that scenario to the background only makes the picture loom larger, you might be exhibiting the traits that makes up empaths and empathic people.

Often experience tension or anxiety

To be clear, everyone experiences a certain level of tension or anxiety, that is normal. But if you experience tension or you get anxious about every little thing, may be exhibiting a highly sensitive person trait. It is normal for empaths and empathic people to feel like the anxiety and the tension of the whole world Is theirs alone but they must also learn to manage it.

Afraid of rejection even in the most minor cases

No one likes rejection, but for empaths and emphatic people, theirs is extreme. To escape rejection, they would often go out of their way and bend their choices to suit someone else. To them, rejection is something to be avoided in all areas and at all cost. It doesn’t matter if it is in the choice of coffee or where to visit after school, the highly sensitive person traits pushes the empaths and emphatic people to go out of their way to please others.

Often worry about what others are thinking

Hold up! I know that’s pretty normal if you have a bond with a person but for the empaths and emphatic people, they even worry about very minor things. They not only worry about what their partner may be thinking when he or she is not talking to them, they also think about what their partner may be thinking when he or she is talking too much or acting nice. For them, most things are on a deeper level and has deep purpose. This depth of thought can leave the empaths at a place where they are consumed and unable to be in the present.

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