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Those interested in the wondrous world of empaths and emphatic people will often have to answer the question as to whether highly sensitive persons are empaths and empathic people. Are they or are they not? The answer to this particular question may depend on individual perceptions. It is pertinent to observe that there are at least two distinct school of thoughts to this issue of empaths and emphatic people.

A highly sensitive person traits includes being an empath?

A number of psychologists believe that one of the highly sensitive person traits is the fact that they share certain properties with empaths and empathic people. A few of these properties include the fact that they can share the pain that others feel and they can console others at a soul level when difficult situations arise. Some other highly sensitive person traits may seem rather extreme for the average empaths and emphatic people. There are cases of highly sensitive people refusing to watch very emotional movies because of how deeply connected they become with the character. While this may seem absurd for the empaths and emphatic people, this is a distinct characteristic of a highly sensitive persons traits.

A highly sensitive person is different from an empath

This school of thought believes that empaths and emphatic people are different from highly sensitive people. The proponent of this school of thought believes that an empath and empathic people are folks who exhibit advanced form of highly sensitive person traits on a spiritual level. Scientists and other people who favor this thought pattern often cite the frequency of the highly sensitive person traits and habits in an effort to classify between the two ‘distinct’ group of personalities. Several scientists believe that the empaths take the highly sensitive person traits to a much more advanced state. They would also rely on the classification of the temperament of the two personalities, often claiming that while the highly sensitive person is an introvert, its other side, the empath and empathic people tend to be able to display both introverted and extroverted traits, making them an ambivert.

A highly sensitive person is no different from empath and empathic people

There is yet another school that believes that the empath and empathic people are no different from the highly sensitive people and that since they exhibit nearly the same characteristics and traits, they should be regarded as one and the same. This explanation stems from the belief that if given the proper orientation, empaths and empathic people can tone their reactions to be the same as highly sensitive people. This school is further backed up by the fact that the empath and empathic people share a number of traits with highly sensitive persons. For people who occupy this pattern of thought, it makes no difference as to whether a person is an empath or if they label themselves as highly sensitive.

Highly sensitive person traits are what distinguishes the empath from the highly sensitive person It  may be safe to assume that the highly sensitive person is only a mellowed version of an empath with less abilities to connect on a spiritual level.


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