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Overthinking, the buzz word that never dies in the life of an introverted woman. As an introverted woman, introverted thinking is a reality. Having a brain that is wired to deeply process is your nature. You think things through to completion. From the least to the greatest, if a mystery needs to be solved, you’re the one who can solve it.

See, the brain of an infp and infj is a rare treasure as I like to call it. You’re the one in the group who sees the entire picture because your brain is constantly thinking of various scenarios, what happens if any particular decision is made, how someone will react and you anticipate needs like no one else. This is a great asset if you work for the CIA, or solve cold cases for the local detective unit. However, if you’re an entrepreneur who happens to be an introverted woman, overthinking can stifle your time, productivity and ultimately your income.

I learned this first hand as an introverted woman who has great ideas but let my introverted thinking get in the way of being productive. Always the problem solver, the fixer, the introverted woman who people come to for advice, I saw entrepreneurship as this big puzzle that needed to be solved. I thought that I had to every piece figured out before I could make a move and put my products and services out to the world.

I spent countless time planning services, using my introverted thinking to plan out all the details of the service, making sure my graphics were good, hiring coaches to tell me what I needed to do next, the list goes on and on. It turns out the entire time, introverted thinking (actually overthinking) was my biggest issue.

When I realized that the only way I’m going to make it was if I stopped overthinking and just do the work, everything changed. I was able to establish a routine that worked for me. I stopped listening to what everyone else said I needed to do and started doing what worked for me and my goals. I learned that everything didn’t involve a deep thought process. I realized that being an entrepreneur was no harder than I made it.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that all entrepreneurs have to start somewhere. The idea of perfection is stifling, especially to an introverted woman. Every entrepreneur, introverted or not all had a beginning. They made tweaks along the way that resulted in their success as you see it.

I see many introverted entrepreneurs get stuck and drained by overthinking the tasks involved in entrepreneurship. Many times these tasks aren’t as important as you think but due to your minds design, it stops productivity. By the time you get done planning, you’re drained and unable to do the real work that results in you getting clients and letting the world know about what you offer.

The best thing you can do for yourself, as an introverted woman, who is an entrepreneur is to set up a self boundary for how long you’ll allow yourself to think of any one thing. You’ve got to put a limit on your mind at least long enough so you can get your work done. Think deeply after you’ve done your work. If you don’t the frustration, guilt, confusion and dread will continue.

One thing I know, accomplishment is a catalyst for the introverted woman. Imagine if you were finally able to finish a day where your entire to do list was check off. Think of the satisfaction you’d feel. Think of how proud you’d be that you finally got your message, your product and/or service out to the world. Think of how it will become easier the more you do. If the thought of that felt good, then putting a hault to the habit of overthinking is your ticket to freedom.

Remember, nothing has to be perfect. Gain control of your overthinking and watch as your business progresses into the one you’ve been dreaming of.

I’m Ashley  Page Pearson. I’m an organizational strategist, online entrepreneur, copywriter, author, and mentor. As a professional organizational strategist, I help  online business owners learn how to set up their business in a strategic and effective way.  I’ve developed the Introduction to Online Marketing for New Entrepreneurs. This guide lays out the steps to online business to help you get an understanding of the components of what it takes to run a successful online business. Grab your free copy here:


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