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3 Tips On Personal Boundaries Every Introverted Woman Needs To Know

Introverted women have a unique makeup that allows them to see beyond the surface of most any situation. This superpower makes you able to assess any situation you desire but it also comes with its own set of challenges. This article explores 3 life-changing tips about establishing personal boundaries for the introverted woman.

 1. Setting boundaries for yourself teaches you your likes and dislike: When you establish your own boundaries, you’re then able to decide what you want and what you don’t want. Without boundaries of your own your unable to show other people how to deal with you on a day to day basis because you’re unsure of what you’re willing to deal with. You must get in the practice of discipline and self-control as an introverted woman.

A part of developing discipline is establishing boundaries for yourself so that you know when you’ve gone too far within yourself. Many introverts think that setting a boundary will lead to being confined but it’s not the case. Setting a boundary within yourself gets you in the practice of personal mastery of your mind which is one of the greatest assets an introverted woman can have.

 2.       Internal boundaries as an introverted woman helps stop overwhelm: You know the swirling thoughts you have in your head that seem to be never-ending.          There’s a solution for that. You must learn how to control the thoughts so that you can begin to decrease the stress and overwhelm that comes with the day to day happenings of life. No introverted woman wakes up each day saying I want to spend my day being overwhelmed. Introverted women crave the ability to focus without being overwhelmed and consumed by work, home, kids, finances and all the areas of life.

The key to this is setting up a boundary for how long you’ll deal with a thought. When you give yourself, a time limit you’re then able to mentally put an expiration date on thoughts that still loom. I’m sure you’ve experienced having a recurring thought for weeks on end. Thoughts of what you need to do and mentally going through every detail that needs to be done. Allowing thoughts to swirl is draining and can be completely eradicated by giving your mental thoughts an expiration date. For example, if you have a thought that is never ending first get it out of your mind by writing it down on paper. Second, decide to toss it or target it. Third, take action either by throwing it away or doing a physical action. This  gets you in the habit of not allowing your thoughts to overwhelm and consume you since now you’re in control of them.

 3.      Decide what you’ll allow in your mind. The truth is some conversations with outside people you don’t need to entertain. When you constantly mull over a conversation it’s a key indicator that you as an introverted woman have taken on a conversation that isn’t aligned with your mind. Many introverted women face the fact that they aren’t quick fire responders meaning they don’t have a quick tongue. This is due to the unique makeup of the introverted brain and has nothing to do with you not being able to stand up for yourself (let that belief go).

You are innately designed to process deeply. Introverted women are natural detectives but because of the depth of processing, many introverted women express difficulty with being the queen of the comeback. The good news is you don’t have to be. You have a choice on what conversations you’ll entertain. You don’t have to discuss anything that makes you uncomfortable. It’s better to tell someone you aren’t going to discuss a certain topic rather than talking or hearing about the topic and then spending the entire night reliving the details of the conversation wishing you’d never had the discussion in the first place. Simply tell your counterpart that you aren’t having the particular conversation and change the subject.

Establishing self-boundaries is an absolute game-changer for introverted women. When you learn how to keep you in control you then learn how to teach others to interact with you. The more discipline you give yourself the more you’ll know what you need in order to be happy in turn teach others by intention and example.

What self-boundaries do you need to establish starting today?

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